Case Studies

Global agriculture business 

Development of global brand identity. MD of Wine/ Grape production adding value in South Africa, grapes to premium bottled wine. 

International Trade Centre, Switzerland

Provided the Export Promotional Strategy for developing country governments. Presented at the World Export Development Forum 2008 about "how" to add value in developing countries.

Cashew Nut supply development

Development of "origin" supply chain of Cashew Nuts kernals from Mozambique, Africa.  Includes developing the production capability, quality and supply chain links with the support of the Department for International Development.

Water utilisation& heat recovery company

Developed the company strategy for bringing new innovative solution to market in the field of water efficiency and waste heat recovery. Includes developing marketing ,branding, and supplier strategy. The product and service offers major savings in water utilisation in urban environments. Involves key account management development of major international corporates.

Digital video surveillance company

Developed the company strategy for expanding the markets for its digital CCTV / surveillence products into more targeted sectors and developing key account strategies.

Manufacturer of Agricultural Tools

Sales and marketing strategy for UK and African manufacturer.

Korean Digital Video OEM Manufacturer

Provided the European sales and marketing strategy for customer IP and DTV surveillence.

Major Transport Manufacturer 

Strategic suggestions in areas of innovating carbon footprints improvements and international collaboration.

Malagasy Company

Led the creation and development of Africa's first packaged fine chocolate manufacturing business trading with Europe and America. Wins world chocolate award and most ethical award by Ethical Consumer. Pioneering sea container supply chain of Chocolate into major retailers such as Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Booths, Wholefoods, Fortnum and Masons, Department Stores, Speciality, Health Stores in Germany, Sweden and USA.

Founder of Equitable Trading ( Equitrade) process - Raisetrade- value add at source.

Madagascar Government

Provided the strategic input for increasing trade value from the Madagascar economy, targeted at developing the rural economies. Bringing "Madagascar" to UK and USA market through food sector targeted marketing. Collaboration with major Madagascar companies.

Founder of Noetic Associates

IT Company

Marketing Strategy to develop the UK professional audio visual product / professional market.

UK/China digital IT & Audio Visual OEM and Brand company

European sales and marketing strategy for bringing new and innovative Consumer electronics products to both private label (OEM) and as well as bringing brand to market. Sectors include award winning digitial audio visual products, gaming peripherals, Sat Nav and PC peripherals. Outlets include Mediamarkt, Comet, Dixons, HMV, Gamestation, Richersounds etc.

Philips Components

Launch of the new spin off brand of Philips in the America marketplace. Leading the development of the new sales and marketing organisation of Capacitors in Atlanta, USA. Developing a targeted marketing strategy ( product management, key account management, distributors, outsourcing supply chain).  Increased revenues of wide range of capacitor businesses from factories located in Europe, China, Americas, Taiwan and Japan. The business successfully sold to Vishay, one of the largest passive component business sales in history.

Philips Electronics

Strategic marketing and global key account management of electronic components from factories in Europe, Asia, Americas. Includes innovation, product development, manufacturing and supply chain development. 


Innovation and project management of high value broadcast capital equipment fro the BBC, IBA and international Broadcasters. Launch of Digital sound / NICAM .



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